- Honorable Mention by the Jury at Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival of Mississauga, 2013
- Award of Merit at Women's Independent Film Festival, 2013

Official Selection:
- Asha Festival of Hope, San Francisco, 2014
- 20th Annual Festival of India, Charlotte, 2014
- FOCUS section of 6th International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, 2013
- Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival, 2013
- 8th Seattle South Asian Film Festival, 2013
- Harlem International Film Festival, 2013
- Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival, 2013
-Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival of Mississauga, 2013
-Women's Independent Film Festival
- Cannes Short Film Corner, 2013

20 minutes, HD, Short Narrative


Sita unfolds piecemeal onto a day when an Indian maid- servant’s commercial surrogacy goes astray. The story culminates in tragic irony when the body of a young girl and of Sita becomes sites for opposing narratives on female reproduction. With everything at stake, Sita makes a choice that is both disruptive and dignified.

The questions:
In the recent decade, infertile couples have flocked to India “to rent a womb.” When I first read about commercial surrogacy or Assisted Reproductive Technology (A.R.T.), my mind came up with an image of a fortified space in which brown women wandered around with white babies in their stomachs. The image was plagued with questions about the ethical, emotional, and physical repercussions of surrogacy. Who are the women that “rent” their womb? How do they navigate the socio-cultural reactions to the physically visible pregnancy? Is there a legal framework to keep in check the exploitation associated with surrogacy? Sita was born out of these questions and hopefully will initiate a dialogue focused on the commoditization of the third world female body.

Interviews/Media Coverage:

Mumbai Midday Newspaper

Open Beast

Her Film

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